• Sister vehicle ETS963 183 outside Coldside Library, Dundee

Vehicle details


27 November 1955



Fleet number(s)

184, 584, 69


Daimler CVG6 (Dr CVG6DD)

Chassis number



Gardner 6LW Diesel


MCW Orion


H36/28R then H37/28R

New to

Dundee Corporation

Other operators

Tayside Regional Council

Current owner(s)

Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society (generously donated by Xplore Dundee)

Current livery

Dundee Corporation


Restored and on the road since 2014


Best in Class: Dundee Motor Show 2014
Second place: Glamis Castle Scottish Transport Extravaganza 2014


Vehicle history

This Daimler CVG6 was delivered new to Dundee Corporation Transport in November 1955 fitted with MCW H36/28R rear entrance bodywork. It was part of a batch of 25 such buses, 180-204 (ETS960 - ETS984) all of which were later converted to H37/28R. This was the first batch of buses in Dundee to be fitted with saloon heaters.

These buses entered service on 27 November 1955 when they took over from the tramcars on the Blackness - City - Downfield service. They were the mainstay of this service until 1966 when new Daimler Fleetlines 35-54 (CYJ835D - CYJ854D) were introduced. At that point 180-204 became regular performers on other Dundee city services.

The Daimler CVG6 buses gave good reliable service to Dundee Corporation with a total of 88 being purchased between 1955 and 1960. All but a handful of CVG6s, including 184, remained in service long after Tayside Regional Council took control in May 1975.

In order to make way for new Bristol VRs (including our own OSR204R) the surviving members of this batch were renumbered in 1977 and ETS964 briefly became 69 in May 1977 before being withdrawn in September of that year. After it was withdrawn it was decided by Tayside Regional Council to retain this vehicle for preservation and it was restored to its original condition by the Council’s Transport Department. It emerged, fully restored, in 1981, and soon became a regular rally attender. It was also used for comedian George Duffus' drag turn as a Dundee clippie featured regularly on Grampian Television.

It was the restoration of this vehicle which led to the formation of the Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society.

In preservation

When Tayside Public Transport Co. was set up as an arm’s length company in 1986, 184 passed into its ownership. During the mid-1990s it was given another restoration by members of TVVS. The bus remained in the care of Travel Dundee and, after a period stored at G&N Wishart’s depot at Friockheim, it moved to the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum.

National Express Dundee decided in 2010 to donate the bus to TVVS. We are grateful to the company for this extremely generous gesture. A great deal of work was required to return the bus to the road after a number of years of inactivity. New tyres were bought and fitted to the bus. A new rear window was required as the previous one had cracked and, with the glass out, the opportunity was taken to refurbish the frame and panelwork on the rear end of the bus. The dynamo was removed for refurbishment and the bus returned to the road on 14 June 2014.

The most serious issue was with the engine where a dropped valve required attention. Fortunately we were put in touch with an experienced Gardner mechanic who rebuilt the engine allowing the engine to be refitted to the bus in 2013. The mechanic continues to fully support us and offers his help and advice with not only this bus but several of the others in our collection.

We have been made aware of a local transport museum's website which features some of our copyrighted photographs of this vehicle. To be clear we have absolutely no links to this organisation and none of our vehicles have been loaned to them for display either at their premises or their events since 2014.