• Volvo Olympian M953XES in Strathtay’s “go faster” striped livery but no fleet names

Vehicle details


May 1995



Fleet number(s)

953, 16883


Volvo Olympian (Vo YN2RV18Z4)

Chassis number



Volvo TD100


Northern Counties Palatine 1 NC 4871



New to

Strathtay Scottish

Other operators

Stagecoach Strathtay

Current owner(s)

Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society (generously donated by Stagecoach Strathtay)

Current livery



Saved, stored safely and parts sourced for future restoration


Vehicle history

This bus is from the first batch of four double-deckers bought by Strathtay after privatisation. The batch was split with two buses going to Forfar and two to Montrose for each depot’s trunk services to Dundee. M953XES entered service from Montrose depot in May 1995.

The bus was renumbered 16883 when Stagecoach bought Strathtay in 2005. It should have been withdrawn at the end of 2010, displaced by a cascade after 16 new Enviro400s were delivered. However it was retained in service to cover for a newer Olympian with engine failure which was never repaired. Two other vehicles in the batch, M951XES and M952XES, were transferred to Perth at that point and retrimmed. When M952XES was sold for scrap,its seats were transferred into M953XES which now sports an immaculate set of Stagecoach beachball seats.

16883 was finally withdrawn in autumn 2013.

In preservation

The bus was collected for preservation from Stagecoach Strathtay’s Arbroath depot in February 2014. We are grateful to Stagecoach East Scotland for their generosity and co-operation in securing this bus for preservation.